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We Are Here To Serve You

At Kalvanna we routinely imprint customers own goods, either as a one time order, or on a contract basis.  This contract printing varies based on substrate, number of colours, degree of difficulty, and unpacking, repacking requirements.  The pricing shown here is given as a general guideline only, and it is suggested, when possible, that an actual item be submitted for evaluation.  As so many items have been printed over the past several years, often a determination can be made by simply submitting your request to sales@kalvanna.com.

Following is a  small list of services, but not limited to:

• Pad Printing • Flat Screening • Cylindrical  Printing • Dye Sublimation
•  Photo Blasting • Sand Carving • Direct Digital Imprinting
• Waterjet Contract Cutting • Laser Imaging • Heat Debossing/Branding
• Digital Labelling/Printing/Installation • Candle Casting and Imprinting
• Dozens More….

Why Are We The Best?

To strive to be the best at what we do and to be recognized as a key partner in your project.  To maintain loyalty that has been built up over the 35+ years of business and provide worry free products for any and all orders placed, large or small.
If it’s not good enough for us, than it’s not good enough for the customer.  We treat each product as if it is us who is purchasing it.
To interpret your needs and produce your order to the best of industry standards.

Specialty Design

Adaptive to just about any environment careful consideration is given to every design element to compliment the surroundings.  The use of a wide variety of substrates allows the design to become a key focal point, while blending in, providing that sense of belonging.


Awesome Powerful Art Pieces

With such a wide selection of resources, the Kalvanna line can deliver much more than conventional products.  Several artisans of varying abilities, allow us to explore ideas that are way outside the box. Each creation being a piece of art standing out uniquely on its own.


Loaded With Options

Industrial water jet, lasers, 3-dimensional carvers, glass forming, wood working, metal manufacturing, air brushing, Printing equipment, engraving, sand carving, painting, casting………..

Kalvanna’s Other Services

We do not simply service one market.  Our services span many markets that include products that are utilized in applications too numerous to list. Generally thought of as a glassware decorator only, this is far from the truth.  In fact, a very small amount of product produced by the Kalvanna Line and Kalvanna Studios involves glassware at all.  We offer custom design services for awards and recognition pieces, manufacturing of architectural items, Art, Sculpture, Graphics and signage, just to name a few.

Yes….., we print glassware as well as many other types of what is referred to as hollowware. Hollowware is an item designed to hold a drink of some sort. Our custom printing employs several different processes that are selected for each specific application to create a product that has maximum durability and utilizes the area to its best potential.  Typically, our printing specs are much larger than the competition.  Our Glassware and ceramics are printed with fired enamels as a standard.  The product is printed with a frit type product that is brought up to near the melting point of the ware to permanently fuse the image to the surface of the ware.   This produces some of the most durable product on the market. Most of the competition have converted to Organic and UV based printing methods that are no where near the resistance of “frit” fired enamel.

  • Kalvanna glassware and ceramics are printed with fired enamels.
  • Kalvannas printing methods allow for some of the largest prints in the industry.
Elevate the perceived value of your ware.  Sand Carving uses an abrasive  that is blasted at a piece that is protected by a resist that has a pattern, logo or text on it.  The result is that, wherever the design is, material is removed in the ware, and wherever the resist covers it, the ware remains untouched.  This provides a beautiful look that has a very high perceived value.  Sand Carving can be used on a variety of ware and on various locations of the ware as well.
 Our large commercial water jet can cut up to 10 feet long by 5 feet wide.  This amazing technology is computer driven, using a pattern that we create to operate the machine allowing us to cut a huge variety of products.  This machine is used for our production of awards and recognition pieces, as well as components for furniture, industrial applications, and manufacturing of all kinds of items.  The water jet can cut just about anything, from aluminum foil,  to 6″ of solid steel.  It also cuts glass, rock, brass copper, foam, wood, etc. etc.  Having this ability gives us the opportunity to produce components for some of the most creative ideas in the industry.

  • We also use the water jet for contract cutting of customers own material.
  • The water jet can cut an incredibly wide variety of materials
Laser engraving can be used in many instances where precision is required.  The laser takes a file that is created much like any graphic art piece and engraves directly on the surface with precision. The laser does a beautiful job of engraving anodized aluminum like that which is found on iPads and many electronic components.  In addition, the laser can produce a relief engraving on wood and various plastics.  Some materials are cut using the laser where precise dimensions and accuracy are required.
 We have large format printers that are capable of printing banners, signage and heat transfers. as well as many other graphics applications.  These materials are used for signage, stickers and labels, textile heat transfers, art canvas and art reproductions.  Additional applications include conventional Dye Sublimation and our incredible OmniColour, having enhanced durability for our full colour product line.

  • We produce banners for acknowledging sporting achievements, Real estate applications, Directional signage and designation etc.
  • We print in full colour and custom cut labels and stickers to custom shapes and sizes to be used in all kinds of applications.
This UV direct imaging printer uses a computer generated image to directly imprint onto the surface of small objects having amazing durability, clarity, and vibrancy.  We utilize this equipment to imprint on hockey pucks, golfballs small tools, toys, and various plate materials used in recognition applications.  Does a great job on electronic devices as well. The UV printer prints and sets the ink automatically having a great advantage over solvent based machines.