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Beer Stein

Largest selection of printed beer mugs

Having a large selection to choose from is important when deciding on what type of beer mug to use for your event or as a gift. The Kalvanna Line presents one of the largest selections or printed beer mugs in the industry.  Whether you are using a Beer Stein as a promotional advertising gift, or a souvenir at a wedding or open house, there is definitely a selection in this line that will fit your criteria. A custom printed beer stein is such a great gift because it is an item that will be used over and over, whether it is a big mug of ice water, a cold lemonade, a big mug of slushy beverage, or, of course, and ice cold beer, the mug is about presentation.  There are many designs and sizes shown in this selection, however, if you don’t see what you are after, please feel free to send us a picture, or a request and we will see if we can find a suitable selection.