Evolution 2 Coffee Mug

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Evolution 2 Coffee Mug

The custom printed coffee mug

The Evolution 2 coffee Mug is a custom printed coffee mug that is designed for the price conscious company who wants to get their name, or logo and message out there on a quality piece at a great price.  The Evolution 2 coffee Mug uses our newest technology to create the print that will carry your message.  The very durable print is baked in at  a high temperature creating a bond that is dishwasher resistant and will last a long time bringing your message well into the future. At eleven ounces this also makes a good mug for the lunchroom or board room or around the office for general use.  It is stable and less likely to topple over on desks. This Evolution 2 coffee Mug comes in three colours, Black , Cobalt Blue, and White. This mug is best utilized with a single colour print.  Although the mug is visually great in appearance, some inconsistencies in size and roundness can create a small variation on the registration of multiple colours.  Most multicolour jobs will look great on this mug, however in some instances, where tolerance is so tight that only perfection will accommodate the print, we recommend that you refer to the premium series mugs instead as variations can cause minor alignment issues with this mug.  General colours are used, and exact colour matches are not carried out on this mug.