Featured Project: Harts Table and Bar

//Featured Project: Harts Table and Bar

Featured Project: Harts Table and Bar

Harts Table and Bar is a restaurant whose focus is on a warm, relaxed social experience paired with a hand-made, locally sourced menu. They wanted to ensure that when diners come to their restaurant, they were left with an impression of professionalism and style.

Hart’s had a specific look they were trying to carry out, and we are the only company in North America with the facilities and  knowledge to be able to achieve what they wanted. They requested an over  the shoulder print be done on their dish ware. Normally this would not be able to be done without distortion to the logo or blow outs to the ink. But we have a process that was able to circumvent all these issues. This process includes the use of unleaded high fired inks that offer a totally permanent, dishwasher resistant print that is safe to eat off of.

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