Feature Project: United Way Interlocking Award

//Feature Project: United Way Interlocking Award

Feature Project: United Way Interlocking Award

This United Way Community Building award is intended to be given to a community member who has raised the most funds each year. Each year the award will be attached to the previous award “building a community”. Each award has been designed to hold its own alone, but when they are all interlocked the finished piece has enormous impact. The back piece of each award was airbrushed with northern lights before being cut so that when they connect the artwork would be seamless. The buildings are appliques that have been cut from glass and painted from the back with black mica. The brick wall was created by spraying sandstone onto the front of the glass, then lasering the blocks onto the surface to create a brick look. The logo and recipients name was blasted and colour filled onto a glass appliques and inserted into the wall. The people were cut from aluminum and painted withe hammered silver. Custom cutting awards into pretty much any shape is a standard price. There are no customization charges, only standard artwork charges and standard setup charges. Now, you can have whatever shape that you want at a standard price. Pricing is based on size.

This award was 60″ wide.

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