Kalvanna Line: The Industries #1 Choice By Individuals and  Professionals For Quality, Selection, Durability and First Impression

With Thousands Of Customers And Counting, The Kalvanna Line is the right choice for you!  Simply put, its the Most Complete And Trusted custom manufacturer, with the widest range of resources, in the North American market today.

Kalvanna brings new ideas to life.  The product that is the best quality in the industry, and can be as simple or complex as you want it to be.
We truly care about our customers which is why our customers love Kalvanna! You will too with constant support and the most thorough approval process around.
Kalvanna’s Creative Artisans provide extensive help with  amazingly cool designs that provide a broad range of ideas. It doesn’t get better.

Commercially Fired Product Creating Maximum Durability

We Produce for Commercial Clients, and are fully dedicated to keeping their trust. When you set out to buy Kalvanna Product, ,you won’t ever have to worry about durability of your product!


We Are Dedicated To Our Customers & Our Product

With over 35 years of experience and counting,  Kalvanna is the right choice for you! Simply put,  its the most complete and trusted product line on the market.

For 35 years the Kalvanna line has developed into one of Canada’s largest commercial glassware decorators.  Continuous upgrading, research and development has added countless new products and services to the line creating one of the most diverse companies of its kind.  When most companies stop at a single line of products and services, Kalvanna keeps on adding complimentary manufacturing techniques ultimately leading to entire new lines.

Our focus is on product quality.  With such a large amount of items encompassing a vast array of techniques, care and attention must be given to every aspect of the manufacturing. Whether it be one of the items from our extensive catalog, or your product brought to us for imprinting, the same care and attention goes into the production of the product. Contact us with any questions that you may have about a product or service.

To strive to be the best at what we do and to be recognized as a key partner in your project.  To maintain loyalty that has been built up over the 35+ years of business and provide worry free products for any and all orders placed, large or small.
If it’s not good enough for us, than it’s not good enough for the customer.  We treat each product as if it is us who is purchasing it.
To interpret your needs and produce your order to the best of industry standards.
Rarely have we missed a deadline.  Once we commit,  we deliver.  Products are usually produced based on your in hand dates,  not just based on an open delivery date.

A quick introduction to  | THE KALVANNA LINE

Custom Awards and Recognition Pieces

  • Awesome custom designs to acknowledge just about any event or milestone
  • Everything that we do is custom, so, to us, custom is standard
  • We build from a large cross section of materials custom cut and shaped
  • From small desktop pieces to full size sculpture for large applications
  • Full design services available to create specific themed pieces
  • Custom colours, full colour prints, Photoblasting, airbrushing, and appliqués

New Products and services added regularly

We Produce for Commercial Clientsand are fully dedicated to keeping their trust. When you set out to buy Kalvanna Product, ,you won’t ever have to worry 

about durability of your product!